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How to Use your Arctic Spa App

Okay, today we are going to go over how to set up your iPad or iPhone to be able to connect up to your spa. So the first thing that we want to do is we want to go to the App Store and we want to download the app. And so if you just do a search for “Arctic Spa” you’ll see this app that pulls up called “Arctic Spas” and we want to download it, or on this one I’ve actually already downloaded it, so I can just click on “Open” and there’s the app. Before we do that, we need to connect up to the wi-fi of the spa, so if you go to your Settings button, click on Wi-fi, and then you’ll find your Arctic Spa network. So it’s going to say “Arctic Spa” and then a number after it. So the password is “globalspa,” so G-L-O-B-A-L-S-P-A, and then click “Join.” It’ll take a second to connect. Once it’s connected, then we need to go to the app.

Once you open up the app, it’s going to ask you if you want to connect up to your home network. So if you’re ready to do that, you’ll go ahead and do that. Otherwise, we’ll just press “No.” We have another video that will show you how to do that.

But anyway, now it’s displaying the current temperature and everything just like your control panel would at the spa. So the first thing is the temperature adjustment. So over on this side you have the plus and the minus, and you simply just increase or decrease the temperature as you see fit, and it will say “Setpoint” here and that will tell you what the actual setpoint temperature is, and then it will say “Current” once it goes back to its current temperature. Then you have controls just like you do at your control panel to turn on the pumps and you can just turn them on and turn them off just like you do at your spa. And then your light button here, same thing, just turning it on and turning it off. We also have an “EZ” button.

This is for those that just want one button for everything. You just press it; everything turns on. You press it again; everything turns off. And then we also have a visual as well, so you can press for whichever seats you want to have on and it will turn those on and off. So now there’s two other buttons down here. One is for your owners manuals. So you press this; all your owners manuals will show up; all the information you need for your spa will be right there, and it will automatically update to the new versions of all the manuals. And secondly, you have the “Settings” button, so you can go through and change any of the settings.

So this first one is the Filtration setting, this is what normally is FD on the control panels; that’s the Filtration Duration, and the Filtration Frequency. You have your Onzen settings, Peak Ozone, Power Management, Router Settings if you’re going to connect it up to your home network, and then the Upgrades. And that’s pretty much everything that you can do with your Arctic Spa app. I hope you’ve enjoyed these videos as a review on how to take care of your hot tub and how to operate it.