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How to connect hot tub to home network using iPhone

All right, it’s Dave here. Going to show you how to connect your spa to your home network using the iPhone app. So what we have set up here is you have a Linksys router, this is going to represent, your home network router, so it’s a standard home router. Whether it’s Linksys, D-Link, an Apple router, or any of the other ones. There are some videos on the Arctic Spas YouTube channel about how to set these up, but anyways we’re assuming that you’ve got that far and this is set up. And we have our spa, WiFi module here, okay, which is called Arctic Spas 11481 and this is what comes inside your spa, and we just have it out for demonstration purposes.

So, we are going to first connect using our iPhone to the spa’s WiFi network. And this is the standard way that’s been out for some time. So we’re going to click on settings, WiFi, and you’ll see it there, Arctic Spas 11481. Okay, the password is globalspa, that’s the factory default password, and join. Now you’re going to wait until you see a check there and just one thing to check, if you’re ever having issues, click the little blue arrow. See that little blue arrow there? And make sure you’re set to DHCP and that you’ve been given an IP address. Okay, and it will be 169.254.3. something.

Okay, so that all looks good. We’re going to launch the app. Which I have here. This one is the Arctic Spa app. Okay and it’s connected. And you can here it running in the background. So now what we’re going to do is you’ll see under settings, under settings here, there’s a new tab called router settings. You want to make sure you have 1.201 installed in the spa, the spa software. If you don’t, these settings will be greyed out and it’s a different video or instructions for how to upgrade the spa. So we’re going to go to router settings, and we have to type in the information of your home network. Okay, the SSID, the password, the encryption, and the security protocol. Now, where you’ll find that, the SSID is the name of your network. In this case it’s called home network. And this will be whatever your home network is called, and then your password is what you setup as your password to join your home network. I’ve just set it up as globalspa.

Okay, your encryption. I know this one is WPA2. And security protocol it’s AES and TKIP. So it wouldn’t matter, I could select one of the other. So then you hit save. It’s going to say you’re about to change your router settings, blah blah blah, just hit okay as long as you’re wanting to do this. And it’s going to count down from 90 seconds. And what it’s doing in that 90 seconds is it’s sending information to the spa’s WiFi and telling it to try to login to the home network, okay. So it’s reconfiguring the WiFi. You can see the lights flickering. And then it’s going to shut it down. There you can see it just shut down. The bottom right light is only on, that’s power. Then it’s going to come back on, and when it comes back on it’s going to try to login into your home network.

Okay, so now it’s logging on and it’s saying, “Hey, I’m here,” and it’s trying to join the network based on the settings you put into the phone. Okay, so just wait for that 90 seconds to be done. And then, if you want confirmation that it’s successfully logged in, anytime a device joins a network, it’s given an IP address, which you’re probably beginning to learn from all this. So, if it has been given an IP address, we put that in low-level programming. So, we’re going to low level here just by holding the filter key for 10 or 12 seconds, until it says LLP. So that’s settings. Keep holding it, LLP, then let go.

Okay, this is a one pump spa. no blower, it has Peak Two ozone, has Onzen, and the filtration suspend is off. Now the next one is IP. So you see it’s IP static, IPSE. If you ran a cable out to your spa, you would set it to dynamic. Okay, so that would skip this whole process, but if you ran a cable from your home network router all the way out to the spa, it would already be connected so you wouldn’t need to do this step. If you’re logging in wirelessly, make sure it’s set to static and then, if it’s logged in successfully, it will be given an IP address. So this is the last octet of that IP. So .101. So, if that’s there, that means it’s successfully logged in. If not, it would go directly from IPST to breaker setting. So, that would mean it hasn’t logged in and you would want to try this again. But, we know it has because we have an IP address. It’s at .101.

So I’m just going to escape from here, come back to the iPhone. And I will close out of the app, which is now not connected. Force close. And go back into settings, and I’m going to join my home network now. So there’s the spa’s network, there’s my home network. I have the password as globalspa. Join and we have a check mark that it’s joined. So now I’m going to go and launch the app, and now it’s connected to my home network. And it’s going to search for the spa on my home network. Okay, and we’re connected to the spa. The spa’s logged into the home network and now the app can actually find the spa from your home network.