How to replace a hot tub jet that is plastic welded - with video

How to replace hot tub jet that is plastic welded

Instructor: First off, if you have a leaky jet, you wanna try to put a bead around in front of the jet first. If that doesn’t work, we’ll have to rip open the jet. So, what you want to do is put a bead around and then when you’re cleaning off the PlasticWeld, what you want to do is just take a quarter turn at a time and then wipe your finger off. If you go all the way around, you’re going to get a big mess all the way around your jet, so you just wanna make sure you just swoop it a quarter turn at a time. And to. . .If that doesn’t work, we’ll have to replace the jet. So to replace the jet, what we do is, there’s a little ring here. Want to take this ring out, you just use Philips screwdriver. The reason I take this out is because we’re going to heat up the jet and the less [inaudible 00:00:57] in there, the jet’s gonna heat up quicker. Just take this ring out, use the heat gun. We want to keep on the inside of the jet, because if you have the outside on acrylic, it’s gonna blister the acrylic. You just want to try and stay on the inside as much as you can. Once your jet heats up, we’re gonna use TAW cutters, and we’re gonna pry the jet to the inside of the hole. And then we’ll pop the jets through the hole into the inside. So, you guys want to try that? I got a couple of heat guns. We can each grab a jet.

Woman: I’ll try it. I’ve never done it, I’ll try.

Instructor: Soft enough, to flail, with TAW cutters.

Woman: Okay. You need to help me out with this one. So just, easily around. Okay. So this all loose around?

Instructor: You’re gonna have to twist it in, so its face goes inside the hole. There you go.

Woman: Okay, so this ring is supposed to come off?

Instructor: Yeah, you can just twist it in. Coarse sandpaper, and when you’re sanding, you just want to stay on the inside. So you want to get all this off so it’s a clean surface. So if you go on the outside, you’re gonna be able to see that, right?

Woman: You’re getting. . .Okay, yeah.

Instructor: So you just wanna make it flush, just like that. See, if it’s like that, it will get covered by the new jet, right? See how it’s a little rough?

Woman: Yeah, you’re just taking the rough surface off.

Instructor: Yup.

Woman: Okay.

[inaudible 00:03:52]

Instructor: Yes, you always want to make sure.

Woman: Okay.

Instructor: Now you want to use a heat gun. You want to heat up the jet, evenly, and you want to try and stay on the inside of the jet. If you’re on the outside, you will blister the acrylic. Once your jet is heated up, you want to take TAW cutters and you want to peel the jet into the inside of the pool. Push the jet out to the side. Now we’ll take a grinding disk and we’ll clean up the excess [inaudible 00:05:03] around the jet face. Now we’ll clean up the inside of the jet hole and just [inaudible 00:05:26] the jet fits in. We’ll put a bead of PlasticWeld around the jet. And then we’ll put your finger at a 45 degree, and you’ll smear the plastic weld around the jet evenly. The jet is in place. Not on.

Cameraman: And that’s just snugged up to hold it in place until the PlasticWeld cures. As well as this fitting here, you do not need an airline and a compressor. You can fit this three inch sanding disk onto any standard drill and perform the same duties.

Instructor: Now you just clean up the excess plastic weld around the front. Quarter turn at a time so you don’t get excess plastic weld around the outside of the jet. And you’re done.

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