How to replace a hot tub circuit board, spa pack - with video

How to replace hot tub circuit board – the spa pack

Hey, quick video on identifying and replacing a global processing board. So, there’s a global EcoPak. The processing board is right here. This is sometimes called the spa pack, but the pack usually refers to the whole case including the circuit board. It is identified by you got a USB plug and an Ethernet plug and it’s just in here attached on the board.

One way that you would know that if this was shot is on the top side control there would just be a series of dashes across your topside and there would be no more memory sitting in here. No more programming. So, that would happen either if the power was interrupted during a program update for a software update. Or if there was a power surge, lighting strike, etc.

Anyway, so if you have dashes across your topside and you need to replace this board, it’s quite easy. I’ll show you here. So here we have the global processor board. Now for reference, Arctic’s number for this is uh PAK, P-A-K 201021, that’s part number P-A-K201021. And you’ll notice right there there’s that little Phillips screw. So we’re just gonna undo the Phillips screw. And one thing you really wanna watch on these. . .I guess should have done that. . .Is they’re susceptible to electrical shock. Now this board is just gonna pull straight up. And you see there is a series of female receptacles there and. . .So you just pull the board straight up, nice and easy. Try not to bend or damage anything.

Then setting it back down again, it’ll just sit in place nicely. Make sure all the pins are in place. And it sits in there in those female receptacles loosely at first and then you’re gonna pop it down into place. You’re gonna put that screw back in.

Now one thing I have noticed in the field when I replace these, is they might come out a little bit after you do the wiring. So you come in and you hook up for your top side here and plug in the Ethernet. Then you start to run some wires in the back and it comes up a little bit. So it gets popped up when your stuffing some wires back here. Comes up and then you have some weird function for the board or it doesn’t work at all. So, once you’re ready to fire everything back up turn the power on, just ensure that it is actually securely put into that female receptacle there, and you’ll be good to go. That’s how you fix it.

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