How to replace swim spa exercise equipment fasteners - with video

How to replace exercise equipment fasteners in Arctic Spas

All right today we’re gonna be replacing our butterfly mounts on our Arctic Oceans. So the list of materials we need to do this repair is we need some silicon, ten-dollar wrench, four mil Allen key, a one-inch hole saw, a three-inch hole saw, a drill, glue and primer, and a pair of channel locks.

So first thing we wanna do is we’re gonna take our butterfly mount out. So, unscrew your butterfly mount. And then what I did is I just cut an Allen key off and put it in a drill head so it’s easier to work with. So I just wanna remove this. Put your wrench on the back. Go around, take all four bolts out. Take your bolts out.

Remove the plate. Now what we want to do is take our one-inch hole saw and thread it into three-inch hole saw using it as a guide so we can drill our three-inch hole. Place it in the hole. Now you have your hole. We’re gonna take our A.O. housing. Some silicon on it. Spread your silicon around. Place it in the hole. Put a bead of silicon on the back for the nut. Tighten it up with your channel locks. Clean up the silicon on the front. Then, we’ll take a two-inch plug and we’re gonna plug the back of the A.O. housing. Take our [inaudible 04:32] and thread it through the front. And there you go, that’s how it’s done.

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