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How to Replace Filters In An Arctic Spa Hot Tub

This is Christian Staples with Arctic Spas. Today, I’m going to go over how to replace your filters. It’s a real common question that we get.

The first thing that you want to do is you’ll have two skimmers here, on the skimmer that has the gray top on it, it’s an optional thing if you have our Peak II Ozone system, but if you have the grey top, you definitely want to use the pleated stubby filter we call it and then also the rescue bag. If you don’t have a gray top, on one side you’ll want to do the rescue bag in either one of these filters. This is the Silver Sentinel Stubby Filter and then the big filter on the other side. They actually get installed into the filter housing like this.

To change out your filter, if it’s your first time, you just pull the skimmer up. Inside the skimmer there’s a little basket and you just thread out the basket and put it off to the side. Then you take your rescue bag filter and you stick it inside the skimmer and then it threads up into the skimmer. So you just twist it right into place and it just hangs down just like that. Then you’re going to take the stubby, remove the wrapper from it, and then drop this down inside and then it just threads right into place. Then the skimmer basically goes right over the top. That one’s all done.

If you were to use the Silver Sentinel Stubby Filter, you would just put that one down instead of the cartridge. On the other side, you’re going to remove the skimmer and then you’re going to take the Silver Sentinel Threaded Filter, and then all that you do is drop it down in and twist it into place. Then take the skimmer and set it right over on top once again.

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