How to Connect Arctic Spas to the My Arctic Server - Arctic Spas

How to Connect Arctic Spas to the My Arctic Server

This video introduces how to connect your Spas to the My Arctic Spas server. Go to and enter a user name of your choice, an email and a password and press enter. Now follow the promps and enter all of the required data and submit your account request. Go to your chosen email account and click the activation link. Once your account is registered it is time to add your spa to your account, click the add spa link then click search you will then be prompted to go to your spas topside control and press any bottom to confirm the spa you want. Next you will confirm the spa you selected and enter a nick name and serial number. Once this process is completed you’ll be able to control your spa from any place in the world, by a computer or my arctic spas app. If you’re having troubles connecting your spa to your home network, the quick reference flow charts provide trouble shooting guidance.

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