How to connect hot tub to WiFi network

How to connect to hot tub WiFi network

Here’s a quick video for how to connect to the Wi-Fi of the spa.

So, I have a Wi-Fi module sitting on the bench here, and that number there, Arctic Spa’s 10488, that’s gonna be the name of the Wi-Fi that we join.

So, we’ll come down here to our iPod touch and to join the Wi-Fi of that spa, click on settings and Wi-Fi. You see here, it’s connected to this is our Wi-Fi in the building, here. Global Spa Components. We’re going to leave that and join the Wi-Fi and the spa, so the app can control the spa. So, there we are, we find it, Arctic Spa’s 10488. And you just push on it. It’s gonna to ask you for a password. The password to join the Wi-Fi is global spa. And join and you should see a little checkmark beside it. That little checkmark means that your connected. It’s connected to the Wi-Fi, everything is good.

If you ever run into troubles, click on the blue arrow and you just want to verify a couple of settings. Make sure that the IP address that it’s on DHCP, not one of these other ones. If it is, just change it to DHCP and that you’ve been given an IP address and that all this stuff is filled in. So, that looks good.

We can now go back to the main screen and launch the app, and now we’re controlling the spa.

Can you hear the relays clicking in the background?

And that’s how you connect to the Wi-Fi and control the spa.

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