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Cleaning the Water An Introduction

Disinfection or sanitation is the most important aspect of water maintenance in terms of keeping the water clear, clean, and most importantly, safe for the families that use the hot tub.

To maintain clean and safe, clear water, there are two jobs that need to be done. One is the disinfection of the water, which is the killing of any harmful bacteria that can be harboring and festering in the water. The second aspect is the oxidation, or burning off, of any organics that are in the water. Now, organics are body oils, sweat, suntan lotion, cosmetics, urine, dirt, hair, detergent off of our bathing suit. All that stuff can build up in the water, and that’s what we call organics.

So a disinfectant is very important for your water, and it has those two jobs to do, killing harmful bacteria and burning out of organics in the water. Ninety percent of its job is the oxidation of those organics, about 10% is the actual killing of bacteria, so it spends most of its time burning off those organics.

And they work hand in hand because a big buildup of organics in the water can lead to more bacteria growing and festering in the water, so getting rid of those organics is very key to the cleanliness of the water. And that buildup of organics, that leads to that smell that you get in a hot tub. It can be irritating to our skin. So burning off of that is very important.

So Arctic Pure offers two types of disinfectant systems. One is the chlorine system and the other is the bromine system, and we’ll go through those, both those systems, right now.