How to access Low Level Programming on Arctic Spas 2011

How to access Low Level Programming 2011 Arctic Spa

Host: Welcome, Dave. You’re going to do low level programming.

Dave: Okay, I’m going to show you how to set up low level programming on the 2011 EcoPack’s. To get into low level programming, like before it’s the filtration key. You’re going to hold it for 10 seconds or if it’s an epic you’re going to hold the pump five key for 10 seconds to get in. So, we’ll push it. We’ll see settings come up. Just continue to hold it until you see LLP or low level programming – LLP then you can let go of the button.

So, the first one is the number of pumps. Okay, P-N. It’s adjustable from one pump for designer. Two pumps, three pumps or five pumps for an Epic. Okay. So, we’ll set this up for an Epic. The next one is blowers. Blowers is adjustable from zero to two and if you set it up for an Epic it won’t let you put any blowers because no epics have blowers. So, three pumps and you can have one or two blowers. So, for [inaudible 00:01:08] set it to one. For super jet you’d set it to two if it had two blowers. And on that note if you want to go back in low level programming you can push this button, the pump three or the pump four button on an Epic to go backwards in low level.

Okay. So, we’ll just set blowers back to zero. Go back to a five pump. We’ll set it up for an Epic. The next one after bowers is ozone. So, right now ozone is adjustable from zero, one or two. Okay? One is for peak one. Two is for peak two ozone. Okay? Zero is off. So, one is for peak one. Ozone is going to run during filtration. Two is for peak two. And then you’re going to have a timer and the user will set how many hours per day peak two will run. So, set it for peak two. The next one is Onzen. Again, it’s on or off. So, if the tub has Onzen set it to one. If it doesn’t turn it off and by setting it to one it’ll show up in the settings menu as, the user can set up how many hours per day it’ll sanitize.

And the last one is Ross exhaust, RE. Set it for on or off. That’s the fan in the corner that evacuates the cabinet temperature when it gets too high. Okay? So, normally this will be set to one. Quick review. Number of pumps, zero to five. Blowers, one, if it has [inaudible 00:02:43]. Two, if it has super jet. Ozone, one for peak one. Two for peak two or off. Onzen. Ross exhaust. And push it a third time. You’ll see your software revision come up and now you have the new settings. So, now we’re set up for an Epic. So, we have one, two, three, four, five pumps and the lights. And that’s it.

Host: Right on.

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