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2 Person Hot Tubs

Looking for a small hot tub just for two? Or maybe a Plug and Play hot tub? We offer a few models of small hot tubs that fit that description. Most of the smaller spas and spas with only one pump can be ordered as 110V ‘plug-and-play’ spas. The most popular model in the Arctic Spas brand is the Arctic Fox model. It is rated “up to” 4 people but it is most comfortable with 2. 

Of the 2 person hot tub models recommended above, the best seller is the Arctic Fox. The Fox is in the Arctic Spas brand, which is famous for extreme quality and efficiency. The initial price of this model is a bit more than the other small hot tubs we offer. However, the lower running costs, longer warranty, and natural beauty of the Arctic Fox easily justifies the investment.

Small Hot Tubs And Price

There are several small hot tubs available from Arctic Spas. However, we often find that people shopping for smaller sized hot tubs are actually looking for inexpensive hot tubs. Small does not always equate with lower price. The brand and options can actually affect the price more than the size.

Small hot tubs provide the perfect retreat for one or two people. Prefer a little “me time” after a long day at work? Or would you rather enjoy a soothing soak with your partner? With Arctic Spas, appeasing possibilities come standard. Go with a one person hot tub, or opt for some extra room with one of our energizing, invigorating two person hot tubs.

A couple enjoying a hot tub.

With convenient, compact size and the quality construction you expect from Arctic Spas, a 2 person hot tub makes the perfect fit to supplement your leisurely lifestyle. Upgrade your summer home. Install a hot tub at your regular residence for year-round relaxation. Boost your backyard function with a fabulous, fun-to-own small outdoor hot tub.

Whether you’re looking to go the solo route or spend some soak time with a partner, Arctic Spas has the hot tub for you. And you can ensure your hot tub performs to the highest possible standards with our full line of small hot tub accessories, including small decks, spa water chemicals, handrails, gazebos and more. So whether you need extra space for access or a new filter, a full complement of add-ons and components is always available.

Arctic Spas Hot Tubs: Where Superior Quality Scaled-Down Dimensions

Recharge your battery. Restore some much-needed relaxation into your busy schedule. And enjoy instant revitalization, whenever you need it.

Women relaxing in a hot tub

Condensed size doesn’t have to skip on the comfort factor. Enjoy the best of both worlds with an Arctic Spas 2 person hot tub. And remember, all the big-time features of our larger hot tubs come standard with our smallest sizes, too. Which means your small hot tub purchase includes our Forever Floor™, Mylovac® cover, innovative insulation and much more. Plus, you can customize and optimize your hot tub experience with optional features like our web-based hot tub monitoring and Onzen™ Salt Water System.

All of our one person and two person hot tubs are proof that great things come in small packages. If you’d like to size up one of our 2 person hot tubs for sale, or if you want to talk with one of our in-store experts, visit the nearest Arctic Spas outlet near you. With stores located across North America and the United Kingdom, we’re ready to leverage all of our expertise to help you find the one or two person hot tub that’s just right for you.