As a hot tub owner, enthusiast, and employee at a hot tub company I am surprised this is the first time I have heard about this story.

In 1996 two Canadian engineering students built a fully functional hot tub car. It started as an alcohol (and Hemingway) inspired joke but quickly turned into reality, starting the very next day. Now, 14 years later the hot tub car and its creators have had much fun and adventure. The latest chapter in the story is about to begin on the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover in Utah. This is the site of the Bonneville Speedway, arguably the worlds oldest and coolest racetrack. This is where Duncan Forster and Phil Weicker will race their hot tub car around the famous track and attempt to officially set the world record for the fastest hot tub. Admittedly, the world record may not be hard to beat – there is none, but somebody has to be first.

As you can imagine, building a hot tub car and and successfully racing it far from home in Utah is not cheap. Without money, £10,000 to be precise, it will not happen. Duncan and Phil turned to the popular crowd funding company Kickstarter for help. With 9 hours left in the campaign to raise the £10,000 I stumbled on this story (actually my mother told me about is – she actually still watches the TV news). The campaign was about £1000 short of their goal so Arctic Spas chipped in and kept this story rolling.

As a Chromium (Cr) level sponsor, we are eligible to join Duncan, Phil, and other sponsors in a victory lap after their world record attempt. The trial takes place on Aug 8 which is, coincidentally, my birthday: Happy birthday to me!

Even though the funding goal has been met they still need money for unexpected costs, the party, and the trip home. You can still help support this fun project, and raise awareness of two great passions that more people should enjoy; fast cars and hot tubs. Go to Kickstarter and pledge your support, and mark Aug 8 on your calendar!

Jody Gamracy

Arctic Spas