Winter Swimming Pools – Gimmick or Great Idea?

by Apr 29, 2012

winter hot tub play time

The popularity of backyard swimming pools is undeniable. It is a huge industry worldwide and shows no sign of going away. Be honest, if you could justify the cost you would have one. There is good reason for this popularity; swimming is one of the most efficient, safe and effective methods of exercise. The social and psychological benefits are also well known. It simply feels great to splash around in the water with your friends or family, and this is true even if you are 5, 15 or 50.

Swimming pools are such a sought after product that the industry exists in places where the swimming season is only a few weeks to a few months long. Even the Alaska Yellow Pages lists several swimming pool builders!

Alaska swimming pool builders

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However, if your outdoor pool season is only a few weeks long, only very few can justify the cost for a few weeks of use. In fact, in most places closing the pool for several months of the year is a necessity. Every day the pool is closed is a day that the investment is not paying off.

The cost to heat swimming pools in the winter is one of the main reasons people close them down. Reduce the cost and the season is extended, and the return on the investment is increased.

This is exactly what Arctic™ has done. They have designed the world’s first backyard winter swimming pool. The design is based on the leading winter hot tub brand, Arctic Spas®. Arctic hot tubs are recognized as the most energy efficient hot tub available, able to endure and thrive in the extreme climate of northern Canada year after year. Arctic brand how tubs are the original winter hot tub and they are the leading brand in all of the cold places around the world. The manufacturer of Arctic Spas has now designed a self-contained swimming pool able to endure and operate efficiently in those same conditions. They call it the Arctic Ocean® and while it is not Olympic spec, it has all of the essential features of a typical swimming pool:

  • 14 feet x 8 feet external dimensions
  • automatic filtration system
  • optional salt water system
  • underwater lighting
  • counter-current swimming system
  • tether resistance swimming system
  • exercise stations
  • safety rails
  • shallow end with entry steps

The Arctic Ocean swimming pool also has many of the features (and benefits) of a hot tub. In the shallow end, there are sculpted seats with powerful massage jets, aromatherapy, and even built in sound systems. On those days when you just want to relax and be pampered, simply turn up the temperature a few degrees and let the hot tub features melt your stress away.

The cost to purchase this excellent new product is one of the best features. Really, compared to a simple economy class in-ground swimming pool an Arctic Ocean winter pool costs less to purchase and much less to operate in almost all cases. Unless you dig the hole yourself and pour your own concrete you will be virtually guaranteed to pay more for a typical in-ground pool.

Arctic brand winter pools are now on display and for sale worldwide through hundreds of pool and spa retail stores. Visit to find a store near you and to get prices in your region.