Hot Tubs Engineered for the World’s Harshest Climates

Celebrating friends in a hot tubThe onset of winter weather sends most people inside, but not Arctic Spas hot tub owners! Our spas and hot tubs are built to withstand extreme weather and thrive in cold environments. When winter arrives, party season is just warming up for the Arctic Spas worldwide community.

If you’re getting ready to host a swim spa or hot tub party, why not make it epic event? This piece will discuss a few fun games to play, hot tub accessories to make your party one to remember and also some different food and beverage accessories for hot tub enjoyment.


Getting Started

To host a spa party that will be remembered for decades and the bards will be singing about generations from now, it helps to have a venue that’s up to the task. You’ll need spacious dimensions, comfortable appointments, plenty of in-tub seating and world-renowned weather-proof design – in short, you need an Arctic Spas 7 or 8-person hot tub. Plus, our 5 or 6-person spas are also large enough to host smaller gatherings. Regardless of capacity, every Arctic Spas hot tub features lasting quality, and party-hosting capability. Our large spas offer big dimensions and larger-than-life possibilities for any party, and they’re also perfect for kicking back with a cold one during the post-party wind-down period. Speaking of which…


Refreshment Times Two – Enjoying Drinks in Your Hot Tub

No party is complete without some refreshments, but managing them in a hot tub can be a difficult challenge. To ensure a fun and safe party, put all of our glass beverage holders away and opt for plastic instead. Red Solo cups are perfect for any hot tub party. For a more innovative way to keep your guests content, why not try a floating drink and refreshment holder? Target sells a nifty floating cooler, and Brookstone’s Softie Floating Mini-Tray keeps your drinks upright, even when the party gets a little raucous!


Accessories to Amp Up the Fun Factor

The perfect hot tub party isn’t complete without a festive atmosphere to match. An Arctic Spas Color changing LED system creates a fun ambiance, while also adding extra safety and security. Every memorable hot tub gathering has a soundtrack, preferably with high-quality audio nearby. Our Wet Tunes speaker system features Bluetooth technology, water-resistant properties and easy accessibility. For an unforgettable environment in and around your hot tub, don’t miss out on our exclusive Skyfall Fogging System, which flows a constant cascade of relaxing mist into your tub, highlighted with colorful LED backlighting.


Hot Tub Happenings: Games for Everyone

The hot tub is a place to gather, socialize, relax – and have a blast! You may not know it, but every Arctic Spas hot tub is the ideal place for friendly competitions, and we have a few ideas to keep you and your guests occupied for hours:

  • Hot tub hockey. This is hockey without the 100 MPH pucks, fights and sharp skate blades. To play, place teams on opposite sides of the hot tub, place a rubber duck (much safer than a hard puck, plus it floats, too!) in the center, and whoever can get the duck to the opposite side of the tub without touching it wins. You’ll need to create waves and some other creative ways to direct the duck where it needs to go. Fun for everyone!
  • Hot tub ping-pong. This game can be played two different ways. The first method puts empty cups outside the hot tub, while participants try to bounce ping pong balls into them. The second way uses a basic flotation device – Styrofoam is always a good choice – so the cups are on the water. Players can stay inside the tub, or go out on the porch or deck. Either way is loads of fun.
  • Jazzy jets. This game is similar to the classic musical chair game, but for the hot tub version, use the water jets as the “chairs.” Remote-controlled music is helpful, as are numerous jets. For an Arctic Spas 7 or 8-person tub, you can play this game with anywhere from 5-8 people.


The Aftermath

What happens in your hot tub stays in your hot tub. And unfortunately, that means extra contaminants and debris from your Arctic Spas-centered get-together. Let’s face it – nobody like cleaning up after the party. Thankfully for Arctic Spas owners, our advanced filtration systems, with everything from surface-located Active Skim Filtration to high-performance Silver Sentinel filters, cleans up before, during and after the festivities. Optimize your fun and minimize your maintenance time with Arctic Spas filter systems.

Our filter systems are just one part of our accessories and components designed to make your hot tub maintenance as minimal as possible. After all, you can’t plan the NEXT big party while you’re still cleaning up after the last one!


Year-round seasonal enjoyment doesn’t mean you have to spend half your time indoors, even in you live in a tough northern climate. Arctic Spas, the entertainment and relaxation headquarters of choice for exploration, adventure and travel company Arctic Kingdom, allows you to host gatherings whenever it’s convenient – even if the weather isn’t!

If you have any epic hot tub party ideas, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line on our contact page and who knows – maybe we’ll revisit this topic down the road with reader feedback! Thanks for reading our blog. While you’re here, don’t forget to download our latest brochure to check out the most party-ready hot tubs available anywhere.