How to upgrade hot tub software -  Global Pack 2011

How to upgrade Software Global Pack 2011

Interviewer: Action.

Interviewee: We’re going to show you how to upgrade the software using the USB key. So, you’ve downloaded or received an e-mail with the newer version of software. You just take it from the email or download it and put it on the USB key. An important note is to make sure there’s only one version of software on here. If it doesn’t, it’s just going to go through and pick one, not necessarily the newest one. So, make sure there’s only one version of the software on the key at a time. When you’re ready, take the key, go to the USB. This one has Bluetooth installed, so we’re going to unplug the Bluetooth.

Plug in the USB key. Now, watch these LED’s. The green light on solid is just telling you everything is okay. It’s going to find the software and then green and yellow light is going to flash. That tells you that it is taking the software from the USB key and it’s loading it in the buffer. So, all the other functions of the spa are still working. It is happening outside the normal operation of the spa. Just loading a new version of software. Putting into buffer and then the next time you cycle the power, it’s going to look and say, “Oh, here’s some new software for me.”

Download that to the flash and then reboot with the new software. So, this takes about 40 seconds. You’re waiting until just the green light goes on solid again. So, you wait for the yellow light to stop flashing. Green light on solid and then you know you’re okay to remove the USB key. So, we will wait for that to happen.

Interviewer: Can you use any memory stick? Or are there specific memory sticks?

Interviewee: No. They’re pretty universal. They’ve only found one type and it was 10 years old that it didn’t work. But, everything we’ve tried, so far, has worked.

Interviewer: All right, so now we’re on solid light.

Interviewee: Green light’s on solid. So, you’re safe to remove the memory stick. Just plug this back in and then you want to recycle the power. You can do it with the breaker or just unplug the transformer. So, I’m just unplugging the transformer to reset the low level. Plug it back in and now it’s checking is there a newer version of code. If there wasn’t, it would just launch. But, it’s going to find one. Say, yep, there it and you’ll see a green and yellow lights flash again. So, it’s writing the new software to the processor. This doesn’t take as long as before and now it’s going to boot up with the newer version of software and you’ll see up there it’s 104A. GSC 104B. GSC 104B.

Interviewer: So, lights on. Spa’s up and running. We’ve got new software.

Interviewee: Up and running and now we’ll have to go into low level and just make sure that the low level settings are set up correctly.

Interviewer: All right. So, if you have [inaudible 00:02:58] set up into it, if there’s a blower.

Interviewee: That stuff. Yeah.

Interviewer: CP settings, et cetera.

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