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Ultra Spa

This product, Ultra Spa, was designed and developed to enhance the hot tub soaking experience. We call it a water conditioner, so it conditions the water and gives the water a nice soft, silky feel, similar to what you would find in saltwater. It’s easy to use. You just have an initial dosage depending on your water quality, and then a weekly dosage after that. It’s pH neutral, so it won’t affect your water chemistry. It’s compatible with all other products that you use in your tub. It’s compatible with all the sanitizers.

So the soft feel is its main benefit, and that’s really the major selling point, but it also has some nice auxiliary benefits, as well. It has some clarifying properties in it, so it will keep the water clear and add sparkle, as well as it’s a natural pH buffer, so it helps keep that pH in line and avoids any erratic swings in the pH.

So it’s a great product that does many things. That nice soft, silky feel really is what the main benefit of this product is, so it’s a great up-sell to your customers. You can pamper them, and it’ll just enhance their hot tub soaking experience.