How to troubleshoot hot tub WiFi with Ping App

Hey guys, it’s Dave here again. I’m just going to show you an application called Ping and how that can help you troubleshoot the WiFi. So I have a WiFi sitting on the bench here connected to a Spa pack. I know it’s powered up because the indicator lights are on. And I got the Ethernet port on the right-hand port. That’s very important. And I have my iPhone here and I am going to download an application called Ping. So go to the App Store. Click on search. And then in the search bar I’m just going to type in Ping. And search. And that’s what were looking for there. That Network Ping Lit by MochaSoft. Okay it’s free. So I’m just gonna install that. Type in my password. And we’ll just wait for that to load.

There is is. Okay, now we’re going to want to join the WiFi network of the Spa. So we’ll check here. We have Arctic Spas 10490. So come to my settings. Find Arctic Spas 10490. Okay, if it asks for a password it would be Global Spa 10490. Click the blue arrow and just check a couple of settings. Make sure you’re on DHCP, again. And IP Address Now go back and open Ping. Up in the top left corner here you see Ping. Okay, now it lets you put in an IP Address and it’ll tell you what comes back. So it’s just gonna ask, we’re gonna do two things, ask to see the WiFi. It will just ask if it’s on the network. If it is you’ll get a response. So the WiFi is at Okay.

So this is for the WiFi itself. We’re gonna ask the WiFi if it can hear us on the network. Hit start. It says pinging hosts. And then it responded. Ping hosts responded. Okay, so that’s what you wanna see, you wanna see it responding with “Yep I’m here and I’m at this IP Address. Four packets transmitted, four packets received.” So yep, it’s on the network. And the next thing we’re gonna do is ping the processor which is at Okay and then hit start. Okay and it’s also there. Saying “Yep I’m here, yep I’m here. And I’m working. Yes I’m here and I’m working.” So what that will tell you is if the WiFi is responding saying “Yes I’m working,” but you can’t Ping the Spa Board, the processor board which is at 3.3, there is a good chance that the Ethernet connection has let you down somewhere.

So it is either the cable itself or it’s not connected properly or something like that. See if I unplug this connector connection, I will still be able to ping 3.1 which is the Wifi. Okay and it’s going to respond. Four transmitted, four received. But when I go to ping the processor at 3.3, it’s not going to respond. No response from host. Four transmitted, nothing received. Now let’s plug this back in. With that back in, hit start and now it’s responding right away. So that’s just a quick way to tell you if there’s a problem between the phone and the WiFi or whether the problem is between the WiFi and the processor, or whether it’s the processor or the Spa itself.