How to install Peak 2 hot tub Ozone System

How to install Peak 2 hot tub Ozone System

This is how retro fit a Peak Two into a spa. First off you want to look at your filter buckets. You can see both your filter buckets are both joined together and both are going to the pump. So, when you add a peak two you have to add suction. You see on the one of the sides of the filter buckets there’s a dong so you have to cut this off, drill a suction in your spa and run it through the filter bucket. The reason why we do that is because you need two inlets for your pump. So we are taking one filter bucket for the circ pump. One is going to be for pump one so that’s why we have to add another suction to your filter bucket going out to your pump.

So we just drilled the suction in this spa, right there. It is going to loop around into your bucket and then it’s going to go this way towards your pump. So you always want to make sure you are on the inside of the filter bucket. This is the inside of our filter bucket. We’re coming from our suction and we are going to the inside. We already cut off our dong right here, so from the suction we’ll be going in and that will be going out to the pump. See we took out our Y and now from the other filter bucket we have an inch and a half line running to our circ pump. So we found a spot for our circ pump. It’s right there. See our inch and a half black line running into it that’s coming from our filter bucket and now we have a chunk that three quarter inch hose coming into a Mazzei injector and that is going to run. . .Coming from the circ pump it is going to run into the top of our mixing chamber and it’s going to run through and come out through the bottom.

So this line right here is coming from our Mazzei out from the mixing chamber. We put a T into our floor drain. Want to make sure that the T, the flow from the circ pump is going straight through the T that’s giving us better flow and will T in our drain tube to the top of the T and that is going to come out of our floor drain at the bottom.

Now last part is we have to hook up quarter inch clear line to our Mazzei injector. So, from our Mazzei injector the clear line goes up into the lip into a Hartford loop. So now we take our quarter inch clear line hose and we want to make a little Hartford loop, just two little loops and we want to place it high up in the lip as possible, so water can’t back flow through this loop. So we find a spot place it up high as possible. We take one side of the hose which is going to our Mazzei injector and then the other side is going to run to our AO generators, peak generators. So this is what our peak generators look like. We just have to find a corner in the spa and that we can install these and there are two of them installed. There is going to be a T, this is where our quarter inch clear line from our Mazzei injector is going to hook up to this line right here.

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