How To Fix Pump Union Leaks In A Hot Tub

How to fix hot tub union leaks

So today we’re going to go over union leaks. This is the most common area of leaks in the spa, and they’re very easy to fix. It’s just hand-tight. So the first thing you want to do is use your Allen key and you’ll remove the Allen screws on the door and then pull the door off. We’ve already removed it here. And then the unions are what thread onto the pump, they connect the plumbing to the pump and also to the heater. So each pump is going to have two unions and then the heater’s going to have two unions as well.

Okay, so the unions are located on the pump, on the front, that’s the suction side and off of the side here, and that’s the white ring that threads onto the black part of the pump. And so you can put your hand underneath and feel to see if you’re actually getting water leaking from under there. And just take that ring and just turn it clockwise and tighten it up, both on each side of the pump.

So with the heater unions, that’s this black part here that threads onto the plumbing, what you’re going to want to do is take that union and turn it clockwise. And that will tighten it up and it will stop that leak. And then remember on the other side of the heater, it will be facing the opposite direction, so you’ll still turn it clockwise but you need to turn around to make sure that you’re threading it onto the right spot.

Now when you grab a hold of the ring, all you need to do is just push on it just hand-tight, it doesn’t need anything else to make sure that it’s tight enough. Otherwise, sometimes you can actually break the union.

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