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How to Connect with a Tenda WIFI Extender

This video introduces how to connect your spa with a Tenda Wi-Fi extender to your home network. If your spa was ordered with a Tenda wifi extender it will be connected to the mother board and processor card of your spa pack. We’re going to show you a video of how to connect your Tenda wireless range extender to your home network.

So it is plugged into the hot tub and working. Go to your wireless network connection and look for this one Tenda and a number were going to going that one, wait until it joins, then launch a web browser, then were going to type in It’s going to bring up your web browser, password is admin (spells it out), its going to bring up this wizard, we’re going to click on open scan, were going to scan for the wireless networks that it can see in our area.

Their they all are, we are going to join rnd so click on that please click okay to confirm yes, its going to bring up the changes here SSID, to the exact same as your home network, and the security key your type in just as if you were joining with your phone, our password is password, then click save, just click okay to save the settings, the device reboots, and once it’s done we’re going to rejoin rnd and this one should go away soon. Then head to and if you haven’t registers your spa you can do that now. Go to profile and registers an arctic spa. Dave Anderson RND office spa.

And there you go you can hear it in the background. If you’re having troubles connecting your spa to your home network, the quick reference flow charts provide trouble shooting guidance.

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