How to do ground fault test on hot tub software V1-20

How to do ground fault test on Arctic Spas software V1-20

Hello everybody. It’s Dave Anderson here. I’m just going to go over a couple of new features available for 2012. So these features will become available on software revision 1.20 which is available on inside Arctic right now.

One of the big complaints or features that people were asking for was a way to test for ground faults. In the past, if you had a ground fault problem, meaning the spa tripped the breaker, we used to be able to have the customer go and unplug devices when we had J&J cords. Now that everything is hardwired, there is no easy way for the consumer to go and unplug devices without getting right into the bare bones of the board. So we put a feature in 1.20 that has a ground fault test. If the spa has tripped the breaker, and you’re able to get the breaker back on, you’ll enter ground fault test, and you’re able to walk the customer through it. I’ll show you guys how this works.

We have a spa rendering here, sitting at 71 degrees and everything is down to the set point as below. To enter the ground fault test mode, you’re going to hold the light key down for 10 seconds until GFT appears on the top side. It will switch to Celsius. Just keep holding it.

And it goes into a ground fault test. Now and this is the same if you have an Epic, it’s going to be the same two buttons. To enter the ground fault test, I’m going to push the filter key or pump five on an epic, and it’s going to turn every component on individually. So the software is going to do that, so we’ll just do that now.

First it turns pump one on low for a few seconds, then pump one on high, and pump two. The consumer will be able to watch this, pump three, and if the breaker trips, they’ll don’t know which component was on when the breaker tripped. Pump four, if there is a pump four installed, pump five and if they were blowers, it’d be blower one and blower two for pump four and pump five. Let’s see, Onzen. There is the ozone, the stereo, the Ross Exhaust, and now it’s going to turn on the heater, but first it needs to run the pump also with the lights. It’s the lights. Now we’ve got the heaters pumping.

And I just need to click the flow switch closed. As long as the heater is allowed to turn on, it will turn the heater on. There’s heater one on the [inaudible 00:02:57]. If there’s a second heater, so it would then turn heater two on and then the heater is going to cool down. And in this case everything passed the ground fault test.

We’ll do it again once it stops, and I’ll show you what would happen if a component tripped it. So we’re back at just ground fault test. I’m going to start it again, but we’re going to pretend that pump three has tripped the breaker. We’ve got pump one on low, pump one on high, and the consumer could watch this and see what trips it as well. Pump two turns on and then pump three trips the breaker, so I just unplugged it. And the next time you turn the spa back on, it’s going to isolate pump three, so that everything except pump three is now going to work. You can still keep pump one. It’s still going to keep hot, and all the other components will go, just pump three won’t be allowed to turn on.

What will happen is, I’ll just show you once this is done, okay, when you go to turn pump three on, this is set up for five pumps on, so it’s actually the blower key, but when you go to turn pump three on, it just says GF for ground fault. So pump one still works, pump two still works, pump four, pump five, lights. But when you go to turn the pump three on, it just says GF. So it won’t allow it to come on. It will come on during filtration, that way your spa can stay on until someone gets out to fix it.

Okay. Once you’ve come out, you’ve replaced the [inaudible 00:04:47] because it trips the breaker, you’re going to go into the ground fault menu, again hold the light key for 10 seconds until GFT appears on the top side. Okay, and then to get into that enable/ disable menu, you’re going to push this button which is pump three or pump four on an epic overlay. And here you can go through pump one low, you can enable or disable it. One is enabled, zero is disabled. So pump one low, pump one high, pump two and you can see pump three is disabled. Okay, so it did it automatically. You’d go in enable it. Scroll through the menu by pushing the pump three or the pump four button on an epic till you get to the end. So you can see you can enable/disable anything manually if you want as well, ground fault test, and then press one to escape. And that’s ground fault.

Another cool thing about ground fault test feature is if you’re at a show and you’re running a dry spa, you can go in and disable all the pumps and the heaters manually or electronically without having to go actually pull the wires. So just to show you what you do at a home show is we’ll hold the light key again for 10 seconds till GFT appears on the display. To enter the menu, here again pushing the filter button or pump five will start the ground fault test. Pushing pump three of pump four on an Epic will go into the enable /disable menu, and we’ll just go in and we’ll disable all of the pumps. Pump four, pump five, we can turn on and off, ozone, stereo, we’ll leave on because we want to play the stereo. The Ross Exhaust, we can turn off. The lights, we’ll leave on because we want to demo the lights. And the heater, we’ll turn off and escape. So now this would be a good home show mode because now we can turn the lights on and off, but everything else, we’re not going to be able to turn it on. That’s it.

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