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Foam Dissolve What Causes Foaming & How to Get Rid of it

Foaming is a common and very visible problem that can occur in a hot tub. Nobody likes to see foaming in a hot tub. This product, Foam Dissolve, will quickly get rid of and dissipate any foam that is occurring, by breaking up the surface tension on the surface of the water that allows the foam to occur.

It is a non-oil based and pH neutral product, so it won’t affect your water chemistry. Do not use this with disposable filters however, because it will gunk them up quicker than it should. You only need to use a little bit of it. It has a squirt top on it and so, you just have to squirt a little bit of the product directly onto the foaming area, and it will dissolve before your eyes. You can also squirt some of it near or at the jet so that it pushes the product out into the water and dissipates any foam that could occur from the jets. Because that’s why the foaming is occurring, it’s agitating the water which causes the foaming.

This product, however…it is a band-aid solution. It will not solve the root cause that is causing the foaming. So, unless you solve that problem, every time you use the hot tub the foaming will keep occurring. So, it’s just a band-aid and temporary solution to the foam. It’s a good product to have on hand though, because if you want to use the hot tub and you are having foaming but you still want to use it, you squirt some of this in, and you won’t have foaming for the duration of your soak. But like I said, it is only a band-aid solution, so you will have to attack the root cause of the foaming problem. And we will get into those root causes now.

Foaming, why does it happen and where does it come from? There are a few reasons that cause foaming. The main reason is a buildup of organic matter in the hot tub water. The organic matter can be body oils, sweat, cosmetics from our bodies, and detergents coming off of either our skin or our bathing suits. That’s the main reason that can cause foaming. The jets agitate this organic matter which causes the foaming. So to get rid of that, your sanitizer will oxidize the organic matter and the regular use of Refresh, of course. After every use of the hot tub, use of Refresh will oxidize out that organic matter.

Another cause of foaming is from a dirty filter. Organic matter can build up in the filter, and if you don’t get rid of it by rinsing it off regularly or using a monthly deep clean such as Filter Restore to give that filter a clean, the filter can be the source of foaming. Also, after cleaning the filter if the product is not rinsed off thoroughly, that can also cause the foaming. So just make sure that the Filter Restore is rinsed off the filter before it’s put back into the hot tub.

Another contributing factor to foaming can be soft water. Just like we like soft water in our shower to work up a lather. Soft water, coupled with a little bit of organic buildup, can lead to foaming. So the foaming can occur easier in soft water conditions. So you want to use a calcium hardness increaser to get your hardness levels up, up to around 100.

The sign of foaming can also just be a sign that it’s time to change your water as well. It can be a high TDS and just a high buildup of organics in the water. And you’re constantly adding sanitizer, you just can’t get rid of it. It could be a sign that you need fresh water. So, when you do that drain, you want to use Fresh Start to flush out any organic buildup that can be in the pipes and inside the hot tub. So you want to flush all that out, so that when you fill up the hot tub you’ve got a nice, good, fresh start to your next fill.

So there’s a few reasons that can cause foaming. Of course, Foam Dissolve is your band-aid solution. If you do have foaming you can squirt it directly on the foam. It will get rid of it temporarily, but to really get rid of foaming you have to get rid of these root causes that we just talked about.

Another way to reduce the causes of foaming is to use a water bobble in the hot tub, such as these: The Zorbie, which is an orange sponge, or the Spa-Ball. So these two products float on the surface of the water, and they absorb the oils that are floating on the surface of the water. These oils’ contaminants can lead to foaming once the jets are turned on and they get agitated. So these two products act as a filter before the filter, and soak up any oils that are floating on the surface.

And you know when you need a new one when the both absorb the oils and they actually sit a lot lower in the water. So, when they’re almost submerged in the water, that’s when you know it’s time for a new one. So two great products, these will cut down on any foaming and it will also cut down on some of your chemical usage as well.