Enzyme Descummer - Arctic Spas

Enzyme Descummer

Enzyme Descummer. This natural enzyme enriched formula helps to eliminate cloudiness, scum buildup, and offensive odors that can occur in a hot tub. It does this by naturally breaking down and biodegrading the organic contaminants, such as suntan oils, body oils, and cosmetics that are in the water. It also helps the filter. So it keeps the filter oil-free, and these oils are contaminants that can clog up the filter and not allow it to be working at peak performance. So this Enzyme Descummer will break down those oils so that the filter can work properly.

It’s pH neutral, so it does not affect the water chemistry of the water. It’s compatible with all other hot tub products and sanitizers. It’s very safe to use, it’s hypoallergenic, it’s nontoxic, it’s environmentally friendly, and 100% biodegradable. It’s not a sanitizer itself. You still have to use your chlorine, or bromine, or salt, but it works alongside it and it will reduce the overall maintenance of the water, and you’ll find that you are not using as much of your chlorine, bromine, or your shock. So it’s a nice environmentally friendly complement to the overall water maintenance of your tub.