Easy Clear - Arctic Spas

Easy Clear

Easy-Clear is a nontoxic, super-concentrated clarifier that helps the filter filter out any small, tiny suspended particles that are in the water that make your water look kind of dull and cloudy, so it’s gonna restore brilliance and clarity to your water. It’s pH neutral, so it’s not gonna affect your water chemistry. You don’t need to add a lot, just need to add a little bit when you’re giving it to the hot tub. You can use it as needed if the water looks dull and cloudy, or you can use it as part of a regular weekly maintenance program, which is what we do recommend. And the regular use will help reduce your sanitizer demand, so you will be using less chlorine and/or bromine, whatever sanitizer you use.

So it’s gonna help the filter filter out those particles, so with the cartridge filter, you should check it regularly. You should be checking your filters regularly anyway, but check it once a week. Just pull it out, see if it’s got some buildup in there, and if it does, it means the product’s working. And rinse out your filter. Give it a rinse with the garden hose.

This product is not to be used with disposable filters because it will clog them up, and clog them up so the filters will not work. Don’t use it with the disposable filters.

But it’s a great product as part of a weekly maintenance program to just keep that water looking brilliant and clear.