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Draining Hot Tub Fresh Start and Reflection

Fresh Start effectively cleans, degreases, and removes any organic buildup that is building up in your hot tub’s internal plumbing system. You want to use it just before you’re draining your hot tub water and adding new water, giving it a fresh refill. Easy to use. All you gotta do is just add the recommended dosage to the old water. And then turn your pumps on high speed and let it run for at least two hours. Then the product’s gonna do its thing. It’s gonna get all the stuff out of the internal lines. Really, you may see the water get quite dirty. But you’re gonna drain it out and refill it with fresh water after that.

Easy to use. Obviously, don’t use the hot tub when you’re using this product. And also you wanna keep…do not open the air controls when you’re using this product. So, what it’s gonna do is it’s gonna get rid of all the stuff that’s building up and festering inside your hot tub lines. So, as the name suggests, it’s giving the hot tub a fresh start. So, in the long run, for the overall water maintenance and maintenance of your hot tub, it’s gonna help. It’s gonna help a lot. By using this, getting rid of that buildup, it’s gonna reduce your sanitizer demand and alleviate any water chemistry headaches that you might get in the future. Like I said, as the name suggests, it gives your hot tub a nice fresh start. So, you wanna use this every time you drain your hot tub water.

After you’ve flushed out your hot tub using Fresh Start during the draining process, you’ve drained out all the dirty water, now it’s time to use Reflection. Reflection cleans, polishes, and protects the acrylic spa shell. Once you’ve drained out the dirty water, you’ll notice inside the tub there’ll be some dirty film left from all the dirty water. You’ll wanna wipe down as much of the excess dirt as you can with a towel, and then start applying Reflection. It’s easy to use. You use it very liberally. You apply it with a wet cloth and then just buff it out with a dry cloth. So, it’s gonna clean and polish, but it also protects the shell. It’s gonna make it water repellent and unaffected by sunlight. So, it’s gonna protect your investment and give it a nice shiny, clean look. It’s an essential product to use during the draining process.