How To Connect Hot Tub To Internet Over Power Line 

Connect Your Hot Tub To The Internet With -Ethernet Over Power- Method

Ethernet over power.

So what this allows you to do is plug in one of these close to the router and connect it with the cable, plug the other one into the spa and connect it to the cable, and now it sends the Ethernet signals over the power lines. It’s just as if you ran a cable from here out the spa without actually having to run the cable. Okay? So there’s one of these, this is the one that will go to the spa, the one with the two ends. This is the one that will go in here, close to the router and you get two cables. So, one cable will go with the spa and then I already know this cable that came with it wont reach so we’ve got the longer cable and what we’re gonna do is we’re just going to run an Ethernet cable from the back of the home router, and we’re going to plug it into a plug in that’s just over there.

Okay, so just around that, and I’m just plugging it into any other ports, it doesn’t really matter which one. Put that back, and then take this and plug it into the wall. Then I’m going to run the cable and plug it into the bottom here. Okay, so this is plugged in. The top one just means it has power, the bottom one just means an Ethernet cable is plugged into it, and the middle one means it’s talking to another one that’s on the circuit. Now of course the other one is sitting right here. We need to plug it into the spa. So once that’s done the little house should light up on both of them and that confirms that its running. So let’s go plug this one in the spa right now.

Okay, so to connect it to the pack I’ve opened the door and taken the lid off the spa controller, obviously. And the Ethernet port is here that we’re going to plug into. Now we just need to power this up. So, this can run off of direct power 110 to 220 it doesn’t really matter. So, as long as your spa is connected to 240 I would suggest just connecting one wire to neutral. I would shut the power off, obviously. So these open connectors behind the neutral bar, or right past neutral, those are just all just open neutrals and then on line two you can see there’s a bunch of spay connectors. Those are just direct line two connections, too. So connect one to neutral and one to line two, and that will get us power and then we’re just going to connect an Ethernet cable to there, and an Ethernet cable to the processor card. Okay, and now I’ll go and turn the power back on.

Okay so now the power is back on its hard to see but all 3 lights are lit up which is good. I means that this is talking to the one in the house beside the router, and what we’re going to have to do because its now it’s just like we ran a cable, right from here to the router because its going over the power lines, is we’re going to need to change the setting from static IP to a dynamic IP and low level programming and then reset the power again. So we want to change from a static IP to a dynamic and low level programming. So you hold the filter key for about 10-12 seconds, it’ll say settings first and then LLP. If it says LLP then you can let go, using the filter key to scroll through scroll through to IP and you want it to be set to dynamic.

So if it was set to static, ST, just change it to dynamic. The next one will give you an IP address and then just scroll through to save that setting. So you can see the three green lights here. The top one is power, again, the bottom one just means an Ethernet cable is plugged into it, but once you have one in the hot tub, come back to the one that’s in your house and if this house here is glowing that means that it is talking to the other one so that means that it is working fine.

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