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How to connect Android phone to hot tub WiFi

Hey guys, it’s Dave here from Global. Just going to show you guys how to get the Android working. A few people have issues with it. I’ll show you the problem that most people have. So we have here, look up here…I have the spa’s wifi just sitting out here so you can see it. It’s labeled “Arctic Spas 11481.” So this is what comes as the wifi module in the spa and we’re gonna try to get the Android app running with it. So I have here an HTC and what happens here if you can see up here, the IP address. An IP address is the address a device is given on a network.

The IP address of the wifi, which is the gray wifi module, is and then the IP address of the spa pack which is the processor card is Now the problem today, it’s not really a problem it’s just a problem with all Android devices, is when you go to settings and wireless and networks. Because you have to join the spa’s wifi network. Go to wifi settings and we see here “Arctic Spas 11481.”

So that’s the spa, that’s what we need to join. Click on it, the password is Global Spa. That’s the standard factory password. So I type that in and hit connect. Then if you see up here it says “connecting, obtaining IP address” from the spa, and then it never, ever receives one. The problem is androids, when they get…It’s gonna answer yes…The spa will give it 169.254.3. and a number. And when it gets that it thinks it gave it to itself, so it gets stuck in this loop of connecting and it will never connect. The way to get it to connect the first time is you’re gonna click on your menu button.

You’ll have an advanced setting. Click “Advanced” and you’re gonna have to manually type these in. You’ll just have to type them in once and then every time you come back, they’ll already be filled in for you. So click “Use static IP” and you’re going to have to copy these down. IP address and you can use anything as long as it’s not 3.1 or 3.3 so you could use 3.101, 107, 109, 200, it doesn’t really matter. the “Gateway” to the wifi is

You don’t need to know what any of these mean just type those numbers in. “Netmask” and then DNS 1 and 2 just type in that same address Once you’ve done that, go back and you’ll see that it connected right away. So right now it’s on static IP, so again menu, advanced, static IP, we’ve typed in those and now it’s connected. So now we’re gonna go home and find our Arctic Spas app, which is there, launch it and it should connect to this spa here. And there it is.

It takes a minute, but it’s one pump spa, just a pump and a light.