How to connect Android phone to home WiFi network

How to connect Android phone to home WiFi network

So now with home network connect what we can do is we can join our hub spa log into our home network, and then without having to leave select static IP and do all that stuff, we can have the spa log into the home network and then from your home network you can either be on the internet and then launch the app and it will find the spa. So the way to log in to the home network is we’re going to connect like we just did. So now we’re connected, and let’s just show over here, show this part quickly. So we have this router here, to simulate your home network. It’s just a standard Linksys router. The SSID is the name of your network, the name you gave your network when you first set it up. This one is called home network, password global spa. Encryption is WPA2 and security is TKIP and AES.

Where could I find that? To find out what mine is, I’ll just bring up my computer screen here. I’m going to log into the home network and there is other videos that explain how to do this as well. But Linksys is at Okay so I type that in. First I have to join the home network router. There it is, home network. Click on setup. And basic wireless settings. You can see my SSID is home network. A wireless channel is 6, that’s a different video, and I’ll click on security here. You see my mode is WPA2. Okay there’s some other options WPA, and WEP are other common ones. So I’m WPA2 and by algorithms or TKIP and AES. Okay? And that’s my password there, globalspa.

So now as soon as you know what those settings are, we’ll come back to the Android app here. Make sure that you are connected. And you know you’re connected because you can control the Spa. We’re going to click on settings, and router settings. Okay, you need to make sure you have software 1.201 or higher installed on the Spa and that’s a different video to learn how to do that, but if you have that and then you just type in all these settings that we just went over. So the SSID is homenetwork. It’s going to change that. And the password if you remember is globalspa. Okay. We have WPA2. It’s our encryption type. And security protocol if it’s both you can select one or the other it doesn’t really matter. And if you have different encryption that where you select that and then hit save. It’s going to ask you, you’re about to change you network settings.

If the new settings are not correct you’ll not be able to connect to the device, blah, blah, blah. Do you want to do this? Hit continue, and it’s going to countdown from 90 seconds. And what it’s doing in that 90 seconds is it’s taking those setting that you’ve put in and the processor card is sending that to your Wi-Fi unit. You can see the lights here are going crazy showing there is activity and then the Spa’s Wi-Fi is going to shut down. See it just shut down. And when it starts back up it’s going to attempt to log in to you home network.

Here so you can see it’s starting up the second light and the third light will come on. And it’s going to try to log in. So just wait the full 90 seconds. The timer is on the app. And if it logs in successfully, so you can see the, back to this, this particular home network uses the IP, so that’s the home Wi-Fi. And then it’s going to give out addresses to everything that logs in. Now if the Spa logged in successfully, you can see in the low level programming the last three digits of that Octet. So we’re going to low level programming. It’s finished counting down now. And I’ll hold down the filter key for 10-12 seconds till it says LOP. Then let go, we have a one pump spa, no blower, Peak Two, has Onzen.

This is filtration suspend is off, and then you have IP static. Now IP static, you want it to be set to static unless you ran a cable. So if you ran a cable from your home router all the way up to your spa you would change this to dynamic, and you don’t have to do this log in step. Okay that is if you run a cable so make sure it’s static and then the next one if it’s logged in successfully you’ll see the octet. So this is .101. So that’s where it is in the network which is… whatever. It’s telling you that it has logged in. So it’s successfully logged in, can’t take the words right now for some reason. If it hadn’t it would just gone right from IP static to breaker setting. Okay, so we know this one is logged in.

So now we’re going to come back to our Android. And I’m going to force close the Arctic app. So go to settings, and I’m going to go to applications. Because the app will run in the background unless you force close it. Manage applications, Arctic Spas, and force stop. Okay so that will stop it from running. I’m going to go back to wireless and networks and my Wi-Fi settings. Okay I still see it’s connected directly to the Hot tub. Now remember we had it on static IP. We’re going to want to take it off of that. So I’m going to go menu, advanced, and take it off static IP. Okay, and now I’m going to connect to my home network. Password is globalspa. Now this password would be whatever you had set it up as on your home network. And connect, Okay, You can see up here it’s connecting, obtaining an IP address, and now it’s connected to my home network.

Okay so this would be, you’ve probably have already done this, have you Android setup to connect to your own network. So we’re going to go home. Now we have the Spa is logged in to the home network, the Android is on the home network, launch the Arctic Spas app again. And now it’s looking for it in the home network and there it found it.

It might take about 30 seconds to a minute or so before you can start controlling it. Not even. So there you go. So this will do a couple of things. It’s a pain, if you’ve been using this before it’s a pain to leave your home network. Have to join the spa network in order to control the spa and then if you want to use the internet or check you email or whatever, you have to leave the spa network and join the home network. So now with the Spa logged in, you never have to switch networks. So the spa is logged in to your home network and whenever you want to check on your spa, launch the app and away you go.

So that’s great and it will also extend the range. So you might have noticed that the range isn’t all that great from the spa because it’s sitting among a pool of water and a bunch of motors and electronics and the range isn’t very far, so now that it’s logged in to your home network it works anywhere your home network reaches. So anywhere in your house. And that’s how you connect the Android.

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