Manufactured TV show on The Discovery Channel and Arctic Spas!

by Apr 2, 2014

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Ever wonder how your hot tub, pool or spa is made? What the insides look like? Just to be clear, we’re not talking about just any hot tub, we mean your hot tub — the one you bought at Arctic Spas!

Last April, we got a visit from Castlewood Productions, creators of the Discovery Channel’s latest series, Manufactured.  We’re proud to announce that Arctic Spas was featured on the show this month, Sunday, March 23, 7:00PM EST.

The show made its debut earlier this year, and takes viewers through the make and manufacturing of everyday objects, from lighters and leather jackets to your very own Arctic Spa hot tubs and pools! The producers, Castlewood Productions calls, Manufactured, a show full of “Cool stuff for guys. Why it’s made, how it’s made, and who makes it.”

The show should be worth the watch too, Castlewood Productions is no stranger to factual entertainment shows. They’ve teamed up with the Discovery Channel previously to create other hit shows such as other Cash Cab, Design DNA and Slow Win.

As soon as we have a video online we will update you here in case you missed it!