Have you ever wondered why certain spa models include loungers in them? When I was buying my spa, I know I sure did. I questioned the necessity of having one in my own hot tub, as well as the benefits they could truly provide me. And, after a little research and a lot of time spent in my spa, I found that these reclined seats offer more than just a way to stretch out your legs! They also provide a range of therapeutic benefits to rejuvenate and relax your muscles, melting away tension with every use. In this article, we’ll explore one major benefit of reclined lounging, as well as different positions to maximize your hydrotherapy experience.

For me, the largest benefit to having a lounger in my spa is the unparalleled pain relief it provides me. As someone who has faced many lower body injuries to my hips, back, and legs, I found myself searching for ways to combat pain outside of medications and physiotherapy. That’s where my lounger came in! While sitting upright in a spa can often feel like a more common way to relax, benches and chairs lack the intensive lower body hydrotherapy offered by a lounger. In a reclined position, the innovative jet layout of a lounger runs down the entirety of your legs, lower back, and feet, targeting specific muscles that would otherwise be missed in bench seating.

This direct lower body contact with the oscillating jets allows for a deep massage sensation, very similar to a masseuse targeting knots for tension relief. By simply shifting your position periodically, you can allow these intensive jets to target a wide range of muscles and connective tissues, providing pain and tension relief for your entire lower body. Complete with smaller but equally intensive jets targeted on your feet, you can say goodbye to tight arches, calf pain, and tension created from hours of standing. To me, a foot massage from my lounger is the perfect way to unwind and relax after a long day of work! This overall pain relief is aided by the hot water in your spa, which fosters the loosening of tense muscles, setting you up for a restful evening of sleep or relaxation.

Now, let’s explore some seemingly unconventional seating positions that will allow you to maximize the hydrotherapy capabilities of your lounger!

Although lounging in a standard recline targets your lower body, you can experience an incredible lower back release by reversing your seat and foot position. By sitting with your back against the foot portion of the lounger, you are creating an intense connection with the smaller, powerful jets meant to target your feet. This position allows paramount hydrotherapy for your low back, releasing sciatic tightness and muscle soreness around your sacroiliac joints. As an added benefit, sitting in this reverse position allows you to stretch your legs out further than they would be if you were seated in a standard position against the wall!

Additionally, you can sit on the leg portion of your lounger, allowing your feet to float up and become buoyant. This reduces the tension in your core and lower body as you are allowing your legs to become entirely weightless. This position also offers an incredible hamstring and glute massage, targeting larger muscles that are often difficult to fully release!

If you are in the process of purchasing a spa, or are curious about the various benefits of hydrotherapy, don’t forget to explore all the possibilities that come with including a lounger in your hot tub. From relaxation, to intensive muscle releases, a lounger can easily elevate your spa experience, providing unparalleled comfort.

Asia Cameron

Asia Cameron

I have been an Arctic Spas® employee for just under ten years, moving my way from the Parts Department, to Administration, to Sales, and then onto the Dealer Development Representative Team. Outside of helping families find their perfect spa, I love traveling, hiking, catching up on the latest movie releases, and getting lost in a great mystery novel. If I’m not doing one of those hobbies, I’m probably spending time with my dogs, or checking in on the rescue puppy I sponsor in Mexico!