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Above Ground Pools

The public concept of above ground swimming pools is changing fast. Short seasonal use and high running costs associated with traditional above ground swimming pools are losing out to new swim spa designs.

Swim spas offer year round enjoyment and many more hot tub benefits in addition to all of the features of a small swimming pool. Premium brand swim spas offer much lower running costs, attractive designs, counter current swimming systems, and many more exercise and relaxation benefits at prices similar to traditional above ground pools.


The Arctic Ocean is a premium swim spa made by top hot tub brand, Arctic Spas. Arctic Spas is helping redefine what above ground pools are. Aqua trainer, swim spa, hot tub, fitness pool, and a kid’s water park are all combined into one self-contained, above ground unit.

Traditional above ground pools are evolving into a much more versatile appliance for the whole family all year round. Contact Arctic Spas for details, pricing, and dealer locations near you.

Cheap Above Ground Swimming Pools

Swim spas by Arctic Spas are NOT cheap above ground swimming pools, they are premium Family Fun Centers. Cheap things are usually cheaply made and end up in the landfill sooner than expected.

Arctic Spas swim spas deliver all of the benefits of an above ground pool, hot tub and back yard water park all in one very attractive, long lasting package. The Arctic Ocean swim spa is designed to last a lifetime, contact us now for details, pricing, and dealer locations near you.