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How a Hot Tub Helps with Sore Muscles

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One of the ways high-level athletes maintain consistent levels of athletic performance is by soaking in hot tubs. But they’re not the only people who experience sore muscles. And thanks to Arctic Spas, anyone can access the rejuvenating impact of a hot tub on aching joints, general pain and sore, stiff muscles.

How does a hot tub help with sore muscles? What does the actual science say about hydrotherapy for muscle rejuvenation? What works best for aching muscles, endless rubbing or a little bit of hottubbing? Let’s explore the latest round of studies.

Does an Arctic Spas Hot Tub Help Sore Muscles?

Hot tub water therapy for sore muscles has been examined by clinical trials and rigorous scientific analysis. The conclusion: it works. How?

  • Lactic acid reduction. The soreness in your muscles is caused by excessive lactic acid buildup. “Lactate reduction” is a scientific term for reducing lactic acid stores in and around the muscles. One widely-read PubMed study concluded that hot tubs and hydrotherapy helped sore muscles through lactate reduction.
  • Improved recovery.  Another analysis looked at the impact of warm-water jet massage on sore muscles, and the results showed that most subjects responded positively and showed better than expected recovery times. Even short bursts of “water immersion therapy,” or hot tub use for sore muscles, showed encouraging data in regards to recovery, performance and athletic stamina.
  • Reduced chance of injury. Yet another scientific analysis showed how pre-activity hot tub therapy can reduce the chance of injury and also optimize performance. The 2008 study conducted a hot tub-like simulation, where athletic participants were placed in warm water (legs only). As a result, most measures of muscle-induced damage were reduced and, in some subjects, eliminated altogether! What’s more, most of the athletes involved reported less fatigue after strenuous athletic activity.

Based on these results, it’s hard to ignore the conclusion that hot tubs help sore muscles – and can also prevent sore muscles in the first place!

Are Hot Tubs Good for Sore Muscles?

Even if you’re not a professional athlete, you can still enjoy the therapeutic benefits a hot tub provides for sore muscles. And you don’t have to compete in rigorous athletic competition or work a physically demanding job, either – the aging process alone introduces plenty of new soreness and discomfort for seemingly “normal” activities.

Remember those basketball, hockey or football games you used to play way back when you were 18, or that round of golf at 8:00 AM after a late night out? Those same activities at 30, 40 or 50 can cause aches and pains all over, not to mention longer recovery time. That’s why an Arctic Spas hot tub for muscle recovery is such a great idea – you’ll not only get the obvious entertainment and social aspects, but you’ll also have your own personalized therapy spot, right at your own home!

So are hot tubs good for sore muscles? Ancient therapeutic preferences say yes. Recent scientific studies say yes. Isn’t it time you said yes to a proven method to aid with sore muscle pain? And unlike the athletic trainer’s tub, your Arctic Spas hot tub or swim spa serves as a year-round, any-weather entertainment center and social gathering point as well!

Incredibly versatile and built to withstand Mother Nature’s worst weather, Arctic Spas hot tubs offer numerous benefits. See for yourself – visit one of our dealers today!