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Hot Tub Therapy for Back Pain Relief

How it Works, How it Benefits You!

Whenever a form of therapy has been around since ancient times, there’s a pretty good chance it has a track record of success. Hot water therapy (tubs, baths, and natural springs) have been used for lower back pain relief for thousands of years.

The ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and others weren’t aware of the specific mechanisms that caused back pain relief from their hot tubs; they just know it worked! But now, thanks to different clinical studies and modern science, we know exactly how hot tubs are good for back pain and other types of discomfort.

For example, it’s well known that many cultures throughout history have encouraged hydrotherapy by sitting partially in warm water. This type of therapy has always been thought to provide back pain relief, and one study showed the amazing effectiveness of this form of hydrotherapy, also known as a “sitz bath.” Back pain relief through hot tub therapy is widely available to everyone nowadays, not just the wealthy.

But how do hot tubs aid in reducing back pain? The reasons are surprisingly simple, and what many researchers have figured all along.

Are Hot Tubs Good for Back Pain? How Hydrotherapy Helps with Lower Back Pain Relief

Hot tubs are ideal for back pain because:

  • The warm, soothing water promotes optimal blood circulation, which aids the healing effort.
  • Hydrotherapy (especially a hot tub soak for lower back pain) also diminishes the pain sensory signals sent from your back to the brain.

Everyone from professional athletes to blue-collar workers to physical therapy patients use a hot tub for lower back pain. They know it provides near-instantaneous relief. And in many cases, their hot tub therapy for back pain relief is recommended by their physicians.

But you don’t have to gain approval from your doctor for the soothing, therapeutic effects of a hot tub for lower back pain; you can enjoy this amazing benefit right at your home. Arctic Spas enables anyone to find effective back pain relief anytime during the year, regardless of location – that’s because only Arctic Spas hot tubs and swim spas are engineered to endure brutal weather conditions.

Get Lower Back Pain Relief with an Arctic Spas Hot Tub or Swim Spa

The socialization and entertainment aspects of Arctic Spas hot tubs make our products widely appreciated and admired all across the world. Now, with more evidence that shows the link between lower back pain treatment and hot tub use, we’re also the preferred choice for anyone looking for much-needed pain relief.

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