Hot Tub Handrails and Towel Bars: Safety and Convenience

by Mar 1, 2012

Arctic spas hot tub Handrail Side

How many cup holders does your vehicle have? Not sure?

Some of you may know the answer while others may think it’s a silly question. In a car report about the psychology of cars and cup holders, it’s noted that sales are often driven by how many are inside a vehicle. Apparently, for many car owners, multiple cup holders strategically placed about the vehicle is a big selling point. A cup holder is a small detail, but it’s details that allow the consumer to enjoy his purchase.

Arctic spas hot tub Handrail Side


Details do Matter

Here’s another question: how many handrails and towel bars are there on your hot tub?

Now this may be a number that you know right away, but think about where those rails are and much detail has been provided. Do they firmly support you when you’re getting out of the hot tub? Are they placed in areas of the tub where you can get to them without much movement?

The proper placement of handrails and towel bars is very important in home and garden spas.

Retractable and Convenient

Large hot tubs, those that can accommodate eight or more people, should have several rails and towel bars placed around the unit. For an aesthetically pleasing look, many swim spas will have retractable handrail units and towel bars that appear only when they’re needed. The individual can pull it out discreetly and, because it’s retractable, there’s less of a chance of bumping accidents as well.

Folding and retractable towel bars keep your towels dry and away from the hot tub until they’re needed. The towel bars can also be used to hang robes and pool cover-ups while you’re relaxing with a jetted massage.

Hot tubs usually come with the number of towel bars necessary to accommodate the amount of people that the tub will hold. You can also buy additional handrails and towel bars for your spa unit as you see fit. The accessories can either be assembled on the unit by the manufacturer, or, installed on the unit in a separate custom job.

It’s true that we don’t often think about something until it’s time to use it. However, with a spa or hot tub, it’s worth noting how many safety rails and convenient towel racks there are on the unit during the shopping process. Similar to the study on car cup holders, those spa handrails may not always be needed, but it’s good to know where they are in case you do.

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Author:Arctic Spas

Author:Arctic Spas

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