Hot Tub Delivery – The Norwegian Way

by Nov 20, 2011

arcticspas hottub helicopter delivery

helicopter hot tub delivery

Check out this new delivery service offered by one of the Arctic Spas dealers in Norway…

If you are considering a hot tub but not sure if you have enough access to your property, or you think you are too remote and the delivery costs will be too high? Think again, Spabutikken Polarbad, one of the Arctic Spas hot tub dealers in Norway has a solution. They’ve got a shiny new helicopter. That’s right, a helicopter,  for delivering hot tubs.

No fjord is too far, no deck is too distant. If you live in Norway, Jostein Strømme (and his rosy red cheeks) will happily deliver you a hot tub, no matter where you want it to go.