Hot Tub App – Stupid – Or Is It?

by Apr 26, 2012

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When we first introduced our hot tub wireless control system, OnSpa™, the typical reaction was….WHY? How hard is it to push the button?.
Well recently we rolled out a feature of this system that helps people ‘get it’. The app platform enabled our engineers to develop an easy phone interface that lets hot tub owners control what time of day their hot tub uses electricity. This is extremely valuable in areas where electrical utility costs change throughout the day. This is only the beginning. The wireless app platform and smart phone hardware will enable us to create features that hot tub shoppers really appreciate……we are already hearing from our customers that being able to crank the temperature up and jets on from inside the house before they go outside is a huge hit. And they also just like saying “OnSpa“.

Hot tub app reduces electrical cost

New App Feature Lets You Avoid Peak Utility Rates


OnSpa By Arctic Spas

OnSpa By Arctic Spas