79. Water Chemistry Abbreviations/Acronyms & Ranges - Arctic Spas

1.8 Water Chemistry Abbreviations / Acronyms & Ranges


CH Calcium Hardness 50 – 150 ppm
TA Total Alkalinity 80-100 ppm
pH Potential Hydrogen 7.2 – 7.6 ppm
ORP Oxidation–Reduction Potential

545 – 550 mV Spa Boy Optimum Range. (Optimum Range is the default factory setting, the user may adjust higher if preferred by contacting their dealer to have it adjusted).

Depending on the water chemistry which will be effected by bather load and spa usage, at times the ORP value will overshoot or undershoot the Optimum Range.

Note: Using a Drop Test Kit, a 0.5ppm Chlorine reading = approximately 550mV