15. Topside Control Panel - Arctic Spas

Topside Control Panel

Your spa control has been specifically designed so that by simply connecting the spa to a properly grounded source, and following the start-up procedures in this manual, the spa will automatically heat to the set temperature. Many other functions, such as filtration, safety checks and maintenance reminders have been automated so that your spa experience will be as carefree as possible.

But you’re in charge! The topside control (TSC) panel allows you to set the temperature, initiate the filtration cycle, control the lights, and activate or deactivate the pump(s) and blower. The TSC display responds to let you know you have pressed a button, and that the selected function has been performed.

Power-Up Detection

When spa is powered up it performs a check to see if the hi-­limit probe is attached to the heater barrel. While this is happening “tSt” will be displayed and the lights in the spa will flash until the test has passed. If the “tSt” fails, the code “HPt” will be displayed on the screen. Please reference the quick reference guide on the next page for probable solutions.