22. Performing Software Upgrade - Arctic Spas

Preforming Software Upgrade

How to perform a software upgrade on your spa’s Eco pack
There are three ways to update your spas software:
Download through the Arctic Spas App.
Download through myarcticspa.com
Or the following:
This will be a Zip file, you must unzip or decompress the file.

Put the program on a USB stick

Make sure there is no other content in the USB stick

Plug the USB stick into the processor card

Reset the power

Green and yellow lights will start flashing, wait until the yellow light goes out and just
solid green is there (takes 40 seconds or so) do not remove the usb stick during the
upload process.

Unplug the USB stick then recycle the power

Green and Yellow lights flash again and spa boots up with the new software

This link will take you to a youtube channel with instructional videos.

Download the full PDF here