108. Power-up & breaker setting - Arctic Spas

Power-up & breaker setting

Read before starting
Turn off the breaker.
Make sure all accessories are linked to the bonding connector and connected to pack.
A Minimum flow rate of 18 GPM is required. Make sure that all valves are open in the spa plumbing and that you have good water flow circulation from the primary pump into the heater.

Turn the breaker.
in.flo dry-fire protection

At power up, the in.flo detector performs a flow check through the following process:
Pump 1 or circulation pump start for 2 minutes.

The display will show “__” during the check flow process. After 2 minutes the system validates proper water flow.
In case of failure, the system tries again. The water temperature is shown on the keypad display. Once the water has reached the set point value plus 0.8ºF the heater is turned off.

Boot up display sequence (each parameter is displayed for 2 seconds)

Lamp test – All the segments and LEDs light up

Software number

Software revision

Low-Level selection – Low-level selected from low-level menu

It’s important to specify the current rating of the GFCI used to ensure safe and efficient current management (and reduce nuisance GFCI trippings)

Press and hold the Prog button until you access the breaker setting menu (programming menu will appear first).
Note: if the Keypad in use does not have the Prog Key, use the light key instead.

Chose the number of phases suppling your spa. Use the Up/Down Key to chose the desired value and press the Program or light key to confirm the selection. You can choose between 1,2 or 3 phases.

Number of phase selection
UL – menu not available
CE – 1,2 or 3
UL Swim* – 1 or 2
CE Swim* – 1,2 or 3
* See swim Spa manual For details.

The Values displayed by the system correspond to 0.8 of the maximum amperage capacity of the GFCI.
Use the Up/Down buttons to select the desired value.

The value can typically be modified from 10 to 48 A.

Press the Prog button to set breaker rating. This table shows typical settings of B for different GFCI rating. Select the one that matches your breaker.

Note: Every OEM hast its own preset Configurations.

High Voltage accessory Connections

Two options are available with Y series spa packs for connecting high voltage accessories: 0.250” quick-connect terminals, or AMP pins and housings.

These tabs require high-voltage accessories to have straight, non-insulated, female quick-connect terminals for all connections, including ground. Depending on where the connections are made on the in.ye pack PCB, 120V and 240V accessories are supported. Refer to the following tables for correct connections Note that all female terminal must be correctly and completely seated on the PCB tab for proper ratings.

Generic in.ye-3-V2 UL configuration