107. Heater Connections - Arctic Spas

Heater connections

Heat.wav Heater
All Y series systems come with a high performance heat.wav heater. With no pressure switch, it features in.flo integrated dry-fire protection.
The heat.wav heater is factory configured for 240V/4kW, but it can be converted ti a dedicated 120V/1kW by simply adding a cable connection (part#: 9917-101959)
(120V conversion is available on North America in ye-3 models only)

Heat.wav specification summary:
– Support 120V or 240V
– Protected by external breaker (not fused)*
– Optional 5.5kW (part#: 9920-101449), 240V heater is available.

*Note: European models are 230-240V only and are fuse protected
All heater connections are accessible when the cover is removed. Connections include the in.flo dry-fire protection, hi-limit/ regulation probe connectors, power and ground cable connections.

Connections for all 240V Heaters (North American installations only)
Brown wire must be correctly and completely connected between P12 and P9.
For early North American Version installations the YELLOW wire must be between P25 and P20. The ORANGE wire must be between P24 and P16.

Connections for all 120 V heaters.
Brown Wire must be correctly and completely connected between P12 and P10.
Note: To convert model to a 120V system, the white (common) accessory wire must be moved. See wiring diagram for details.