94. Conducting a Sanitizer Production Test - Arctic Spas

1.11.7 Conducting a Sanitazer Production Test
Is Sanitizer Being Produced and Delivered to Spa Water?

This test requires:
· The water temperature to be at least 80o F (27o C).
· The Filter Cycle Duration to be set to 00.
· Onzen Cycle Duration programmed to On 24. Onzen system will run for 24 hours per day.

Step 1. Set Filtration Cycle Time to Fd 00 (= No Filtration)

Press the Filter Cycle Key until SETT is displayed. The Filter Cycle Duration details “Fd” will be displayed “Fd XX” .

Use down arrow key to change the Filter Cycle Duration to Fd 00.
This de-activates the filtration pump so you can see the mist of gas bubbles produced by the Onzen System.

Step 2. Scroll to On (Onzen Duration) Setting

Scroll through the settings by pressing the Filter Cycle key until it reads “On X ”. (“x” will be a value between 0 & 24).

Step 3. Change On Setting to On 24

Change On setting to On 24.
On 24 programs the Onzen system to produce sanitizer 24 hours daily.

Step 4. Scroll Through Settings

Continue scrolling through the settings by repeatedly pushing the
Filter Cycle key until the pack resets.

Step 5. Software Revision

The software revision will flash for 5 seconds.
If any keys are pushed at this stage, you will need to re-start the test from step 1.
* The pack will go through a purge cycle, turning on all pumps for 20 seconds. Wait until this is complete and the water is still.

Step 6. Confirm Onzen Output Electrode is Releasing a Fine Mist of SMALL Bubbles

Before touching any spa control keys, locate the Onzen Output Electrode in the foot well of the spa. There should be a fine mist of small bubbles coming from the fitting within a minute or two.
If no bubbles are visible, dealer service may be required.
Note: You can still sanitize your spa with granular chlorine!

Step 7. Allow to Produce Sanitizer

If you see bubbles, sanitizer is being produced.
Leave the Onzen system to produce sanitizer for the next few hours and make sure it does not shut off.
If you do not see these “fine misty small bubbles’ call for service.

Step 8. Reset Filtration Settings

a. After a visual check, you can reset your Filter Cycle Duration.
Fd 1 is suggested.
b. Then reset your desired temperature.