A Look At ‘Umka’, The Domed Russian City Planned For Sub-Zero Arctic Temperatures

by Nov 29, 2011

umka arctic circle

We thought this article from Business Insider was amazing but where also quite surprised as we always considered the Russians to be a lot tougher! (no offense!) and at £6.4 billion it had better be good.  Read on and enjoy .

Russia is planning to further it’s reach in the Arctic circle, according to a statement from Vladimir Putin’s website. The country has already made a bold appeal to the UN to annex some 380,000 square miles of Arctic seabed due to the existence of oil and gas in the area.

One plan for the region will involve special Arctic cities. The first city is proposed for a frozen Siberian island will be known as “Umka”, housing 5,000 residents underneath a huge dome. The city will be spared from the harsh weather — -30 degrees Celsius in the winter with strong winds — by the dome, living instead in a sealed environment.

“Researchers could live there permanently rather than for short expeditions only,” the developers said. “It is modeled after an imaginary Moon city or a completely isolated space station.”umka arctic circle

According to The Sunday Express, the city is expected to cost around £6.4 billion, and will provide workers with a luxury environment.

“We aim to have laboratories, houses, but also parks, an Aqua complex, hotels and a cathedral. Naturally there will be schools, kindergartens, recreation zones, a hospital and sport facilities,” one architect told the British paper.

So, Russians, where would you rather live — a domed city in the Arctic circle or in a hole on the moon?

Read more: https://www.businessinsider.com/umka-russia-arctic-2011-10#ixzz1f5r21eur