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We have been a leading UK supplier of hot tubs and spas since 2001. We also supply hot tub parts for most brands. Contact us directly or find a store near you, here. You can also order parts online for delivery to your home anywhere in the UK, in our online shop, here.

Primary hot tub and spa parts, like pumps, jets, heaters, and lights are often interchangeable between different hot tub brands, but there’s no substitute for Arctic quality! If you own a spa that’s not an Arctic and your dealership has vanished, your warranty has expired, or you’re just looking for advice about a looming service job, make sure to get in touch with an Arctic Spas dealer before you purchase elsewhere. We have an extensive collection of parts at extremely reasonable prices and a team of expert advice-givers!

Arctic Spas dealers are well equipped to provide advice in all capacities on the hot tub part front. From personal views to company best practices, they’re a wealth of recommendations, and if instructional guidance is what you seek they can help with that too.

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