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The Arctic Spas hot tub brand was developed in northern Canada, where the extreme climate guided our hot tubs into becoming the most energy efficient, longest lasting, and easiest to maintain in the world.

When the temperature fluctuates from -30 in the winter to +30 in the summer, a quality outdoor hot tub has to be built with extreme intelligence and only the very best components. People all over the world appreciate the benefits of this design.

No matter where you live or what type of climate you have, lower running costs and less maintenance make sense.
Arctic Spas has been one of the leading hot tub brands in the UK since 2001. Our hot tubs are for sale in over 30 stores nationwide and have a large central distribution center to serve the growing community of customers.

We would happily take the time to explain to you why we offer a much better service and higher quality product than other retailers and brands. Contact us or stop in to one of the many showrooms nationwide for a thorough and pleasant hot tub shopping experience.

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What we have to offer:

Arctic Spas are one of the longest established brand of hot tubs in the UK and have a reputation for quality and excellence.

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Our extensive network of dealers throughout the United Kingdom means that there is always a local business near you where you can be assured of prompt, courteous service from experts who offer honest and direct advice on the best options and choices available. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any hot tub related questions you may have!

Hot Tubs

Alaskan Hot Tub 300x186 Home 1b   Large text explanationArctic Spas hot tubs are renowned for their luxurious form and high quality finish. With models catering to your every need from the popular compact Arctic Fox to the amazing Arctic Ocean, we are sure that we find the perfect hot tub or swim spa for you and your family. Click here to find out more about our hot tubs.  

Hot Tub Accessories

Many people assume that hot tub accessories are floating pillows or even a rubber duck. You could not be more wrong! Arctic Spas have taken hot tub accessories to a whole new dimension. We supply a range of out door gazebos, steps, pool side bars, seating, covers, cover lifters, hand rails, sound systems, lighting and much much more as optional additions to your hot tub, allowing you to tailor a unique setting and experience to suit your lifestyle. Click the link to find out more about our hot tub accessories.

Hot Tub Gazebos

Arctic Spas have a high quality range of hot tub gazebos available to compliment your hot but, increase the privacy (and the intimacy!) and just add that little bit extra to the whole experience. Click the link to find out more about our hot tub gazebos.

Swim Spas

Arctic brand swim spas combine the best of pools and hot tubs into one amazing package. With years of experience in the hot tub sector, we expanded our range of products to include all weather outdoor heated pools, taking the the very best of hot tubs and combining them into a larger model. With a massive range of accessories and additions these giants are excellent for work, rest or play and can be used come wind, rain or snow. They truly are all weather pools and the only problem is, once you get in, you might never want to leave! Avoid the costs and upheaval of digging a permanent pool in your back garden, instead, install an all weather pool, and if you move house, take it with you! Learn more about our swim spas here.

Service and Hot Tub Parts

arctic spas how to diagnose repair hot tub heater 150x150 Home 1b   Large text explanationArctic Spas stand by their products. We offer an extensive warranty on our hot tubs giving you piece of mind. If you need jets fixed, a part replaced, or a service representative to call out and maintain your hot tub we have it covered with our service plans and warranty coverage.  
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